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Open Letter in Solidarity With All Refugees

Solidarity delegation to Calais Sat 5 September
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Solidarity with Calais Migrants: Sign statement condemning Cameron and Hammond’s racist remarks about Calais!
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Thousand upon thousand of refugees will die horribly this year in their attempt to escape persecution and civil war (Up to 50 refugees dead in lorry in Austria, p37, Guardian, 29.08.15). Yet Britain is taking a smaller percentage of refugees than almost any other European country. Between 1933-1939, Britain, its population a mere 45m, accepted 70-80,000 refugees escaping Nazism (and that was not nearly enough).
We do not want to be compromised by this Government’s jingoism.
We do not want to be bystanders as thousands of people unnecessarily die.
Open the doors to those in the Calais jungle.
We demand of this Government that refugees should be welcome here.

Merilyn Moos, Secretary IUAF, in personal capacity,
Eryka Bancroft,
Ruth Barnett, Writer and Holocaust speaker,
Dr. Louis Bayman, Uni of Southampton,
Lynda Brennan,
Hugh Brody,
Pete Cannell, Secretary Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition , in personal capacity,
Janet Clarke, Community Governor Stoke Newington School in a personal capacity,
Linda Clarke,
Sybil Cokc, Chair Tower Hamlets Solidarity campaign in personal capacity,
Robin Doughty,
Keith Flett,Secretary of Haringey Trades Union Council,
Jayne Forbes,
Prof. Dr. Joern Janssen,
Richard Kirkwood, ex-secretary Islington TUC,
Dr Sebastian Kraemer,
Richard Kuper,
Ken Montague, Member, People's Assembly Signatories Group, in a personal capacity,
Dr Dinah Murray, National Autism Project / 'NAP Strategy Board, in personal capacity,
Paul Mackney, former General Secretary NATFHE/UCU,
Peter Murry, Secretary green left,
Sandra Peers,
David Renton, historian and barrister,
Amanda Sebestyen,
Sue Clegg, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education Research Leeds Beckett University in a personal capacity,
(later signatories)
Steve Cushion (Secretary), Gareth Jenkins, Ian Birchall, UCU London Retired Members,
Howard Feather,UCU
Glyn Secker (Jews for Justice for Palestine),
Dan Laverick
Professor Sue Vice
Mica Nava, Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies
Danny Reilly
Bob Cant
Ruth Appleton
Santé Refugee Mental Health Access Project