Fritz Eberhard

Fritz Eberhard, born Helmut von Rauschenplat, joined, then left the SPD and joined the ISK. He became editor of their paper Der Funke and tried in 1932/33 to establish a non- KPD united front against the Nazis. In 1933, Eberhard had to go underground, then, in 1934, became head of the banned ISK in Germany and worked on building the Independent socialist trade union (Unabhängigen Sozialistischen Gewerkschaft). He worked closely with the ITF and Jahn. In 1936/37, he planned (suicide) bomb attacks on Hitler.

At the end of 1937, he fled to London via Zurich and Paris. In London, he first maintained contact with the ISK leadership and Willi Eichler, but fell out over his advocacy of direct action. He was employed in the UK by the Political Warfare Executive as Mr H Russell (NA, KV6/106).

In April 1945, Eberhard was able to return to Germany, with the help of the OSS and became the director of the American Radio Stuttgart. He re-joined the SPD and became Secretary of State for Wurttemberg.1