Remember the dead and fight for the living

12:15pm 28 April 2021
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The covid pandemic again prevents us from getting together in public so join Waltham Forest Trades Council’s zoom meeting to mark Workers Memorial Day at 12:15pm on 28 April.

This year’s focus will be the pandemic and the preventable loss of life and misery from ill health arising from poor preparedness, a refusal to accept the science on things such as the airborne transmission risk, a refusal to act quickly and accept the need for urgent lockdown and to not come out of that too early when it was obvious not to do so, the abdication of our health and safety police – the HSE, and the government’s and employers’ initial refusal to acknowledge the trade unions’ role in this as recognised by strike votes at DVLA, the courts etc.

We will also raise other issues such as decent pay rises and treatment for those who have worked so hard through the pandemic, the fight against the gig economy and zero hours contracts, resisting restrictions to the right to protest and the forthcoming COP26 in Glasgow where the future of our survival on the planet will be debated.

Speakers will include local trade union reps from NHS, teaching and transport unions as well as others.

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