Support for DPAC#20More4All Campaign

Waltham Forest Trades Council notes that there has been a lack of awareness raised in mainstream media of legacy claimants who have not received any additional support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This has led to a widespread issue in that the public have, as a consequence, not been informed of 2.5 million legacy claimants suffering increased hardship throughout this period.

This trades council resolves to

  • Pledge our support for the DPAC #20More4All Campaign by sending a message of support to DPAC and posting it on our trades council social media pages.
  • Ensure any of our future campaigning by or around the £20 a week uplift is inclusive of those on legacy benefits, refering to #20More4All.
  • Invite a DPAC speaker to our meeting.
  • Write to our MP and ask that they are supportive of the #20More4All campaign going forwards.
To Stella Creasey MP
     John Cryer MP
      Iain Duncan Smith Mp
Dear MPs in Waltham Forest
We are writing to you to ask that you give wholehearted support to the campaign of DPAC to fight for the £20 uplift granted to Universal Credit claimants so that this £20 is also applied to those still on legacy benefits particularly those who are disabled. 
We urge you to contact DPAC to let them know of your support, and offer ways of highlighting the issue in parliament.
We understand that the prime minister once quipped that he couldn’t live on less than £1million.  No wonder he doesn’t understand what it is to live on a low income.
We do not believe that lack of money in the treasury coffers is a good reason to withhold this much needed uplift. It has been plain for all to see that when it comes to contracts for cronies, money has been no object.
It is time for this government to do the right thing and make sure every disabled person, whether on Universal Credit or one of the legacy benefits, has the wherewithal to cover the basic costs of living.
We would be interested to know of any work you have done to support this campaign, or if you have any plans to support it in any way.
Linda Taaffe (sec)