Waltham Forest stands together against Islamophobic hate letters

On Tuesday 3 April, residents from across the borough will be taking part in solidarity actions in a show of unity with the Muslim community, including linking arms around mosques in a symbol of solidarity, peace and unity.

Solidarity actions:

  • 11am – 12.30pm – Gathering at Walthamstow Town Centre, E17 7JN (under the big screen).
  • 2pm  – Linking of arms around Faizan-e-Islam mosque 757 Lea Bridge Road, E17 9DZ
  • 6pm – Linking arms around Lea Bridge Road mosque , 451 Lea Bridge Road Leyton, E10 7EA
  • Mosques are also opening their doors to the public:

1pm to 8pm, Lea Bridge Road Mosque, 451 Lea Bridge Road Leyton, E10 7EA

https://www.facebook.com/wfialondon/posts/10155618283288337Read on ...

Save Our Square E17

Today we launch the next stage of the Save our Square campaign
This fight is only getting started and we can win!
As Save Our Square chair Nancy Taaffe has written: “If you didn’t already know, that disgrace of a politician, Sadiq Khan, sanctioned the monster block plans today

Save Our Square met tonight and we will be issuing a press release tomorrow as an official response to the news. The one thing we need to tell people is that we will fight for every blade of grass in that square, and we will resist all forms of social cleansing“.… Read on ...



Walthamstow Saturday market square is normally a lively place, but last Saturday 24th February it was buzzing. After weeks of leafleting and raising the alarm, around 600 angry demonstrators came together, declaring their opposition to regeneration plans for the shopping Mall, which will take away one third of precious public space. A whole range of people and organisations came, many with homemade placards; artists brought models of the proposed monster blocks and marked with posters the trees destined for the chop.
A line was sprayed to show, according to the plans, exactly how much space was going to be lost.… Read on ...

Save our Square

Slideshow of “Occupy the Square”

All photographs copyright Mick Holder who is happy for them to be used on social media but if any commercial media wish to use them, they should contact him…


A disabled woman and her partner are about to be evicted.  Despite having lived in a flat in Brighton Avenue for 20 years, having paid rent consistently, and kept the place in good order, the couple have been informed that the bailiffs will be arriving at 9am on Thursday 22nd February.

WFTC housing campaigners will once again rally to stop this cruel eviction. We are determined that this lady will not be carried out in her bed and put on the street.

Linda Taaffe of WF Trades Council said, “One might imagine that, of the 12,000 homes being built in the borough, one might be allocated to this couple in their hour of desperate need.Read on ...

Local Manifesto Pledges

The Local Manifesto Pledges initiative is a campaign to persuade the main political parties in all London boroughs to sign up to five policies that will support Live Performance in the capital.

Equity’s London branches have created a list of policies, that would help develop this sector, to put live entertainment on the agenda in the run up to the capital’s local elections in May.

The campaign asks parties to recognise that Live Performance is a vital part of civic culture, which should be at the heart of a borough’s mission, whether in public health, a growing and diverse local economy, or improving educational attainment and community cohesion.

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