Editor Sandra Courtman
ISSN 1471-2024

VOLUME 1 - 2000

Selected Papers from the Conference held at the University of Birmingham UK, 4th-5th July 2000.

Gelien Matthews The Other Side of Slave Revolts
Philip Nanton Shake Keane’s Poetic Legacy
Henrice Altink More than Producers and Reproducers: Jamaican Slave Women's Dance and Song in the 1770s - 1830s
Peter Clegg The Development of the Windward Islands Banana Export Trade: Commercial Opportunity & Colonial Necessity
Gavan Titley In the Compound of their Skins: Island Identities and the Global Market
Sandra Courtman Freirian Liberation, Cultural Transaction and Writing from ‘The Working Class and the Spades’
Barbara Shaw Perry Cultural Identity, ‘Resistance,’ &Women’s Postcolonial Writing from the African-Caribbean/British Borderlands:Joan Riley’s The Unbelonging

VOLUME 2 - 2001

Selected Papers from the Conference held at the University of Nottingham UK, 2nd - 4th July 2001.

Belal Ahmed The Impact of Globalization on the Caribbean Sugar and Banana industries
Gelien Matthews The Rumour Syndrome, Sectarian Missionaries and Nineteenth Century Slave Rebels of the British West Indies
Mette Louise B. Rundle Tourism, Social Change, and Jineterismo in Contemporary Cuba
Peter Clegg From Insiders to Outsiders: Caribbean Banana Interests in the New International Trading Framework
Ruth Minott Egglestone A Philosophy of Survival: Anancyism in Jamaican Pantomime
David Lambert Competing Discourses of Whiteness in the 1816 Barbados Enslaved Revolt: Theoretical Possibilities and Ethical Dilemmas
Mimi Sheller Natural Hedonism: The Invention of Caribbean Islands as Tropical Playgrounds

VOLUME 3 - 2002

Selected Papers from the Conference held at the University of Warwick UK, 1st - 3rd July 2002 and from the Northern Networks Research Seminars.

Christina Kay Fawcett 'One People, One Nation, One Destiny’: Mahadai Das and the Ideology of Progress in Postcolonial Guyana
John Ford Representations of deference and defiance in the novels of Caryl Phillips
Emily Wroe A Strange Synchronicity’: Lawrence Scott’s Landscapes in Aelred’s Sin
Karina Williamson Re-inventing Jamaican History: Roger Mais and George William Gordon
Alasdair Pettinger American  Possessions:  Hurston and Dunham on Haiti
Geraldine Skeete Realism and a Discourse of Alternative Sexuality in A Small Gathering of Bones
Angela Brüning The Corporeal and the Sensual in two Novels by Shani Mootoo and Julia Alvarez
Caroline Allen Gender and the transmission of HIV in the Caribbean
David Dodman Postmodernity or Profitability? Changing modes of tourism in Jamaica
Valma Jessamy Progression of Vulnerability of OECS States: A historical analysis of root causes
Lynne Macedo The Impact of Indian Film in Trinidad
Rosalie Smith McCrea Ordering The World in The 18th Century: The Voyage of the Sable Venus: Connoisseurship and the Trivializing of Slavery
Beth Cross A Good Kicker: Analyzing Script and Screen with Adolescent Boys in Jamaica
Dwaine Plaza Migration and Adjustment to Canada: Pursuing the Mobility Dream 1900-1998
Dennis A. V. Brown Inbetweenity: Marginalization, Migration and Poverty Among Haitians in the Turks and Caicos Islands
Lammert de Jong Cracks in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. An Inside Story

VOLUME - 4 2003

Selected Papers from the Conference held at the University of Bristol UK, 7th - 9th July 2003 and from the Northern Networks Research Seminars.

Henrice Altink Respectability on Trial: Notions of Womanhood in Two Jamaican Trials in the Interwar Years
Dennis A. V. Brown A View from the Ground: Competing Discourses on Impoverishment and the Coastal Environment in Belize
Sharla Blank Socializing A Nation’s Youth: The Influences of American Cable Television in Dominica
Karina Williamson ‘The Desponding Negro’, and Other Impersonations
Audra Diptee 'Cultural transfer and transformation: Revisiting Indo-Afro sexual relationships in Trinidad and British Guiana in the late Nineteenth century'
This was the David Nichols prize winning paper for 2001/2002. the award was presented at the 2003 conference

VOLUME - 5 2004

Selected Papers from the Conference held at the University of Lancaster UK, 1st - 3rd July 2004

Concepción Mengíbar-Rico Caribbean Theatricalization in Walcott’s Performative Vision of the Don Juan
Patricia Donatien-Yssa Sexuality, Sensuality and Seduction: A comparative Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid’s The autobiography of my mother and Zee Edgel’s Beka Lamb
Robert Robertson The Kingdom, an Opera about the Haitian Revolution

VOLUME - 6 2005

Selected Papers from the Conference held at the University of Newcastle UK, 29th June - 1st July 2005

Angela Brüning Literary Transformation of Caribbean Histories: Texaco by Patrick Chamoiseau and Divina Trace by Robert Antoni
Anthony Kellman Towards a National Caribbean Epic
Marika Preziuso Wearing the Veil of the Border: Visions of Haiti and the Dominican Republic in Edidge Danticat's The Farming Of Bones
David Dodman Community Perspectives on Urban Environmental Problems in Kingston, Jamaica
This was awarded the David Nichols prize for best postgraduate paper presented at Society for Caribbean Studies conferences in the period of 2002-2004
Daniel Millum The Collections of Caribbean Political Ephemera at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICS) and the Institute for the Study of the Americas (ISA)
Lieven D’hulst Interliterary Relations in the Caribbean: A Major Issue?
Sheree Mack Black British Women Writers in Britain Maintain Two Faces in More Than One Way or Another
Antonio Soto Carlo Americanization and Resistance in Puerto Rico’s Public School System: A language Issue, 1898-1940s
Elvira Pulitano “I am of, and not of, this place”: Caribbean Dis/locations in the Work of Jamaica Kincaid and Caryl Phillips
David Clover Dispersed or Destroyed: Archves, The West Indian Students' Union, And Public Memory 
Carlo A. Cubero Trans-Insular Identities in the North-Eastern Caribbean
Hebe Verrest and Johan Post Home-based Enterprises as Situated Practices; Experiences in Paramaribo, Surinam
Emiel Martens “A Black Man’s (Out)cry in a White Man’s World”: Articulations of Cultural Identity and Resistance in Postcolonial Jamaican Film

VOLUME - 7 2006

Selected Papers from the Conference held at The National Archives, Kew, London, 5-7 July 2006

Rebekka Edlund Carnival and quantum theory Metaphors of identity in Wilson Harris’s The Carnival Trilogy
Sandra Courtman The Psyche of a 'Cruel, Flagellating lot': The Abusive Streak In Creole Women's Writing
Peter Clegg ‘Out with the old and in with the new’: Caribbean relations with Britain and China
Ian Cooke Records of Organised Labour Activity in the Anglophone Caribbean - A Survey of Material Held at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London
Mark Edward Simulating the Caribbean: an analysis of the computer game Tropico
Emily Zobel Marshall From Messenger of the Gods to Muse of the People: The Shifting Contexts of Anansi’s Metamorphosis.
Tanya Chung Tiam Fook Constructing Shared Meaning and Practice: An Amerindian Knowledge-Based Approach to Collaborative Wildlife Conservation in Guyana

VOLUME - 8 2007

Selected Papers from the 2007 Conference

Henrice Altink ‘The Case of Miss Leila James B.A.’: Class, Race, Gender and National Identity in Early Twentieth-Century Jamaica
David Clover The West Indian Club Ltd: An early 20th century West Indian Interest in London
Lorna Burns Patriarchy and Paradise: Celebrating Macadam Dreams
Mercedes R. Diaz Tampeños and Miamienses: Analyzing the Impact and Influence of Two Cuban Exile Communities through Two Revolutions
Lucy A. Evans ‘The World Has Always Been in Movement’: Relational Ways of Seeing in V.S. Naipaul’s A Way in the World
Jennifer Jahn Writing One’s Identity: Letter-writing and the Agency of Identity Formation
Gelien Matthews Trinidad - A Model Colony for British Slave Trade Abolition
Jim Ross A Comparative Analysis of Home Language Usage in San Andrés and Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands, Colombia: A Statistical Account
Donna-Marie Tuck The (Re)presentations and (Re)negotiations of Heroism in Revenge and Anacanoa
Angelica Wehrli “Si tú tienes divisas, tienes el mundo abierto” (If you have foreign currency, the world is yours), Paulo 43 years Legal and Illegal Ways of Securing a Livelihood in Havana, Cuba

VOLUME - 9 2008

Selected Papers from the 2008 Conference

David Clover “This horably wicked action”: Abortion and Resistance On a Jamaican Slave Plantation
Cheryl Lans Behaving like a Warao
2008 Society for Caribbean Studies Essay Prize winning essay.
Stuart Nisbet ‘That Nefarious Commerce’ St Kitts, Slavery and the West of Scotland c.1695-1735
Alexandra Robinson The Shaping of an Abolitionist: James Stephen 1758-1832 Exploring the Scottish and Caribbean Influences on Abolition’s Chief Strategist
Gary Williams “Murderers, Outlaws and Illegitimate Renegades”: Grenada’s Revolutionary Military Council

VOLUME - 10 2009

Selected Papers from the 2009 Conference

Anyaa Anim-Addo ‘Capital, people and texts’: The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company in the post-emancipation Caribbean
Antony Bounds The Conception of the West Indies Federation and the Realities of an Imperial Legacy
Joanne Chassot Fragmentation as Condition and Strategy: History, Narrative and Resistance in the Work of Michelle Cliff
Karen Wilkes Representations of Jamaica: Their Effects, Consequences – Their Politics
Rose Mary Allen Beyond slavery: The study of enslavement through post-Abolition memory

VOLUME - 11 2010

Selected Papers from the 2010 Conference

Mandy Banton Records relating to the Caribbean in The National Archives of the United Kingdom
Audley C. Chambers Jamaican Folk Songs Found During Field Work: Their (Re) interpretation of Cultural History of Bustamante, Bedwardism and The Colon Man
Steve Cushion The Most Expensive Port in the World: Dock workers and the Cuban Revolution 1948-1959
Stephanie Decouvelaere Calypso, Gender and Caribbean Identity in Selvon’s Immigration Narratives
Ruth Minott Egglestone Encountering Discovery and the Politics of Sorry In Jamaican Pantomime
Concepción Mengíbar-Rico Rethinking Othello: Old and New Images on Black and White