Call for Papers 2019

W.W. leaders pause for a portrait during the Paterson Silk Strike, Paterson, New Jersey, 1913. Left to right: Pat Quinlan, Carlo Tresca, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Adolph Lessig and Big Bill Haywood.

We are now accepting paper and panel proposals for Radical Americas 2019. While as ever we welcome papers from a wide range of disciplines on all aspects of radicalism in the Western Hemisphere (as well as papers utilising radical methodologies or approaches), the conference will this year have two broad areas of focus. For the first, we encourage presenters to face current crises: we hope to have sessions on contemporary developments in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the United States, and Mexico, inter alia. But we would also like to reflect on some significant anniversaries, including: the Battle of Seattle WTO protests (20) / Chiapas Uprising (25) / Fall of the Berlin Wall (30) / Grenadian Revolution (40) / Nicaraguan Revolution (40) / Stonewall Riots (50) / Woodstock (50) / Weather Underground (50) / The Execution of Fred Hampton/Mark Clark (50) / Arpanet (50) / Murder of Zapata (100). Presenters of the best papers will be encouraged to submit to the Radical Americas Journal. []

Panels will run on the 12th, followed by plenary sessions and a drinks reception, then again on the afternoon of the 13th. We plan to set aside time on the morning of 13th for workshops with activist groups/networks on how academics can better integrate and assist with, for example, transnational solidarity networks, campaigns in support of migrant rights in the UK, and defending / promoting cultures of the Americas against gentrification. Please get in touch if you have ideas for sessions here. There are inspiring collaborations between artists, scholars, public intellectuals, political movements, and artistic communities that can provide models of resistance and refusal.

Deadline for Submissions: Extended to 1 May 2019 (250 word abstracts to
Slots are 20m. Individual papers or panels of three (no all-male panels) will all be considered.
Travel grants will be available to those most in need.
Two-day conference Cost: £25/£50/£75 – pay what you, or your department, can.


Call for Papers 2018

Eluard Luchell McDaniels, Lincoln Battalion, Spanish Civil War Volunteer, Batea, Spain, May 1938

The sixth Radical Americas conference will take place at UCL Institute of the Americas, London on 10th and 11th September 2018. Paper proposals are welcomed on any aspect of radicalism in the Western Hemisphere, as well as on broader Western Hemisphere topics utilising a radical methodology. As ever, we wish for a boldly inclusive programme.

This year sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, as well as the 50th anniversary of the many pivotal events of 1968; thus we would hope to run at least one panel each on Marx’s legacy in the Americas and 1968 in hemispheric perspective. Contemporary events in Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, the United States and Colombia (among many others) should also provide starting points for urgent, dynamic conversations.

Please send abstracts of around 250 words along with a short biography or CV to by 1st June (with acceptance decisions made shortly thereafter). Individual proposals or complete panels (3 x 20m papers) are welcome. All-male panel proposals will not be accepted and we will schedule balanced panels wherever possible (barring late withdrawals). We particularly encourage paper proposals from those groups poorly represented and/or poorly supported by academic institutions. Authors of outstanding papers will be encouraged to submit their work to the Radical Americas Journal, published by UCL Press.

As in previous years, we can offer some financial assistance for travel, aimed at those who need it most. The anticipated cost for the two day event is £75 for those who can afford it (or can expect institutional support), and £35 for those who cannot (a voluntary distinction). This will include frequent and substantial refreshments, though not meals. The conference is self-funding and any revenue accrued above costs is used to assist attendees with travel.

With best wishes
The conference committee
Radical Americas Network