Waltham Forest Stand Up For Your Rights

Waltham Forest Stand Up For Your Rights is a local organisation that supports benefits claimants and campaigns on the problems they face.

Local benefit claimants and others meet every month to provide support and organise campaigning activities. The group is run by a small committee that includes benefit claimants.

Founded in 2016, in its short life to date the group has taken up the cases of claimants badly treated, campaigned against unfair changes in the benefits system, and sanctions against claimants which leave them penniless and vulnerable.

Recently some of the most vulnerable people have had their benefits reduced. For example, disabled claimants of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) have seen their special disability premium abolished, leaving them up to £80 per week worse off.… Read on ...

MAY DAY 2018

Cancellation of Waltham Forest May Day Event – Statement from Trades Union Council Officers

The May Day event which was planned for 28 April – and which included a commemoration of Workers’ Memorial Day – will not now be taking place as the Council has decided not to grant permission for it to go ahead.

Waltham Forest Trade Union Council Officers have a number of concerns about this decision. We will be reporting them to our next meeting and a full statement will be issued in due course.
In the meantime, we want to thank those who agreed to speak or perform at our event – as well as those organisations that were to provide food and drink, child-friendly activities and campaign stalls.
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A disabled woman and her partner are about to be evicted.  Despite having lived in a flat in Brighton Avenue for 20 years, having paid rent consistently, and kept the place in good order, the couple have been informed that the bailiffs will be arriving at 9am on Thursday 22nd February.

WFTC housing campaigners will once again rally to stop this cruel eviction. We are determined that this lady will not be carried out in her bed and put on the street.

Linda Taaffe of WF Trades Council said, “One might imagine that, of the 12,000 homes being built in the borough, one might be allocated to this couple in their hour of desperate need.Read on ...

Carillion statement from Blacklist Support Group

Carillon admitted in the High Court that they blacklisted workers who complained about safety on their building sites, while at the same time milking public sector contracts for millions. Workers on projects run by Carillon need to be paid and are entitled to their pensions but no more public money should be given to the bosses of the disgraced company. In any civilized society, these people would be facing criminal charges.

When you invite blacklisting human rights abusers to run the NHS and school meals, don’t be surprised when vampire capitalism attempts to suck the taxpayer dry. The government should bail out the NHS not Carillon or their bankers.… Read on ...