Waltham Forest Trades Council, unions, NHS workers and campaigners protest at Whipps X Hospital on NHS anniversary

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One hundred people gathered at Whipps Cross Hospital, Waltham Forest to mark the 73rd anniversary of the formation of the NHS and to call for an end to privatisation and for a proper, decent pay rise for all NHS staff in recognition of their massive efforts during the pandemic. The event was called by Waltham Forest Trades Council and supported by Unite, Unison, Unite Community, NEU, NUJ, GMB, NHS Emergency, Keep Our NHS Public, Save our NHS, local Labour Party and the Socialist Party.

Speakers included:

Len Hockey, Unite Barts
Kevin Parslow, Waltham Forest Trades Council
Mary Logan, Keep Our NHS Public
Anna Livingston, GP from Tower Hamlets
James Ivens, Socialist Party
Tom Taylor, Labour Party
Isai Priyats, Waltham Forest Trades Council

Rally at the Hospital Gate on Whipps Cross Road


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As part of a national day of action in defence of the NHS, Waltham Forest Trades Council will hold a rally outside Whipps Cross Hospital. Union members who work in the NHS will be joined by local trade unionists and campaigners to demand:

  • Reject the insulting 1% pay increase for NHS staff with trade union action demanding a 15% rise
  • A fully publicly funded NHS and care system
  • End privatisation of NHS services

Len Hockey, Unite Whipps Cross said: “Our free National Health Service was founded 73 years ago after a mass pressure of the working class.… Read on ...

Support for DPAC#20More4All Campaign

Waltham Forest Trades Council notes that there has been a lack of awareness raised in mainstream media of legacy claimants who have not received any additional support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This has led to a widespread issue in that the public have, as a consequence, not been informed of 2.5 million legacy claimants suffering increased hardship throughout this period.

This trades council resolves to

  • Pledge our support for the DPAC #20More4All Campaign by sending a message of support to DPAC and posting it on our trades council social media pages.
  • Ensure any of our future campaigning by or around the £20 a week uplift is inclusive of those on legacy benefits, refering to #20More4All.
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Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

This trades council believes that the Tories’ Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is an attack on the democratic right to protest, falsely and hypocritically justifying these restrictions on Covid
We note that:-
• the government factsheet on the Bill explains that it will “strengthen police powers to tackle non-violent protests that have a significant disruptive effect on the public or on access to Parliament”
• Under this proposed legislation we face a fine of £2,500 for not following police restrictions over how we conduct our protests.
• Effective protest that is considered a “public nuisance”, will now be a statutory offence rather than a common law offence.… Read on ...

Silvertown Tunnel

In 2019 the Mayor of London awarded a PFI contract to build the Silvertown Tunnel, despite huge opposition from local residents, environmental groups, CLPs, Labour councils, and prominent Labour MPs. The estimated cost of the project has now doubled to £2 billion.
Opposition is multi-faceted; evidence shows that the tunnel would worsen air pollution, traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and is also financially unviable. One impact would be to enable HGVs to cross the river into one of London’s most polluted areas, passing dozens of schools and nurseries where tens of thousands of children play and learn.
Furthermore, research from the Tyndall Centre shows that London’s transport policy is currently incompatible with the rapid decarbonisation required to reach targets aligned with the Paris agreement, and the tunnel would only make matters worse.… Read on ...

Remember the dead and fight for the living

12:15pm 28 April 2021
Click here to register for the meeting.
The covid pandemic again prevents us from getting together in public so join Waltham Forest Trades Council’s zoom meeting to mark Workers Memorial Day at 12:15pm on 28 April.

This year’s focus will be the pandemic and the preventable loss of life and misery from ill health arising from poor preparedness, a refusal to accept the science on things such as the airborne transmission risk, a refusal to act quickly and accept the need for urgent lockdown and to not come out of that too early when it was obvious not to do so, the abdication of our health and safety police – the HSE, and the government’s and employers’ initial refusal to acknowledge the trade unions’ role in this as recognised by strike votes at DVLA, the courts etc.

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Stan Newens 1930-2021

We regret to announce that our friend and comrade, Stan Newens, has passed away.
Here is an appreciation of Stan written by his friend Jeremy Corbyn:

Stan Newens – Lifelong campaigner for internationalism and justice
It is so sad to hear of the death of Stan Newens, former MP, MEP, and lifelong campaigner for internationalism, justice, and the people of his former constituencies of Epping, Harlow, and then Central London (MEP).
I first met Stan in 1970 when he was campaigning for Labour in Shropshire, and I got to know him very well as one of the leading lights of the London Cooperative society, then as Chair of Liberation, and much later as the Member of the European Parliament for Central London, which included Islington North.Read on ...

Goodlord strikes over £6,000 pay cuts

Strikes over attempts to slash staff salaries by up to £6,000 at lettings software provider Goodlord will disrupt services for Winkworth and other London estate agents, Unite, the UK’s leading union, warned today (Wednesday 10 February).

More than 20 Unite members employed in Goodlord’s London-based referencing department, which provides tenant checks for estate agents, will undertake a series of strikes between Monday 22 February and Friday 26 February.

Under the fire and rehire plans, Goodlord’s referencing staff’s pay would plummet from £24,000 to £18,000 – less than the London living wage of £21,157 – while their maternity, holiday and sick pay would also be reduced.… Read on ...